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Laurie Lovell, MFA

Adjunct Faculty, Studio Art for Non-Majors

Laurie Lovell is a visual artist working with mixed media and textile techniques. Laurie holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Ohio University, and received an MFA in Fibers from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her administrative proficiency in Environmental Graphic Design was developed during her tenure at Ohio University. Her artwork has been exhibited and privately collected throughout the United States, the Virgin Islands, and Europe. Laurie Lovell teaches Studio Arts for Non-Majors in art foundations and gives workshops in mixed media and fiber techniques.

Artist Statement

My current artwork incorporates my investigations with my intuitive collage style, to create highly tactile dimensional pieces. I explore the aspects of what I call reactive structure: layering and responding to visual elements during the art making process. The layers are manipulated utilizing drawn, painted, stitched, or attached techniques until they are an embodiment of a theme. I collect images, symbols, found objects, and fibers with interest in their shape, texture, color as well as any implied meaning they may invoke. I explore, through art, the themes of: cycles of life, an impression of an observation, energy systems, and elements of the earth. My goal is to create art objects that project a contemplative feeling with an underlying connection to the natural world. My intention with my art is to quietly invite the viewer to consider.

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