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Current Exhibition

Ellie Rose: Wild & Untamed

Ellie Rose is an MFA graduate from the University of South Carolina and a BFA graduate from Virginia Tech. Ellie’s work explores ideas of escapism and fantasy as a means to create imaginary worlds. Ellie is from Buffalo Junction, Virginia, a small rural community in southeast Virginia. After receiving her BFA in painting from Virginia Tech, Ellie began exploring other mediums and materials at The University of South Carolina. Nature, wildlife, and magic have always inspired Ellie and she carries these influences into every work she creates. As a continuation of her thesis research, Ellie primarily focuses on creating her ideal fantasy world full of creatures and people to negate the traumas of a human existence. Using her artwork as a therapeutic process, Ellie finds peace and happiness in the creation of her fantastical utopias and the characters that inhabit them.


"I often find myself in the studio escaping from traditional societal norms. Since I was very small, solitude has brought me great peace and allowed my imagination to blossom. Now my mind is often my favorite place to go. I was raised heavily on fiction and before too long, I was a professional at living inside fantasy worlds. The intention of my work is to draw in my audience, to steal your attention like a mermaid steals a sailor's disbelieving heart and soul. I invite you to be intimate with each piece – asking you to examine this real-life fantasy and ask what you can take away from this experience with me and my work. Here I am waiting for you, in transcendence, floating the line between reality and imagination. Am I an artist? Or am I an epic warrior riding dragons over Loch Ness? I simply don't know. Most artists are looking to take a stance in this world, mine is simple, to live each day to the fullest and achieve my personal destiny. To do so, I embrace every childhood fantasy. I show my passions and personality relentlessly. I scream to the mountaintops that I am a strong, successful, magical, and unusual woman and artist. The world is what you make it, and my world will be one of wild women, magical creatures, and everlasting and epic adventures."


Ellie Rose's work can be seen on her website and Instagram.

Artist Interview - Ellie Rose

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